About us

My warm greetings to you, dear readers!

I remember when we first established Khishig Arvin Industrial back in 1997. We only had 5 pieces of mining equipment then. It has been 20 years since, and we have grown to be the leading national company in the area of mining, roads and construction equipment services, with 2000 employees and 700 pieces of machinery and equipment. 

We attribute this success to being faithful to a single principle; doing what we can do best, in the most reliable manner.

We have dedicated our resource management and investments during the past years not only to expansion and diversification, but to developing our operational skills and capacity, and building our fleet of equipment and machinery.  We believe that the basis for further long-term sustainable development will come from prioritizing our concern for safety, hygiene and environment. Our efforts in this area over the last few years have met the requirements for the International OHSAS 18001 standard and resulted in certification in 2015.

Our main assets are not just the machinery and equipment we have amassed, but the highly productive team of repair specialists and operators who work with sincere dedication to ensure these are in top condition, and are properly operated. Today our company is prideful that some of the best equipment in the world, and skillful employees that perform at a level that is globally competitive, thanks to which we are able to maintain a steady level of high productivity.

We will be delighted to help you to provide with an individual response for any inquiries related with our existing projects, and open positions.

Khishigdorj, Director General