Safety & CSR
Corporate Social responsibility and collaboration with local government

Under the Company’s Social Responsibility (CSR) activities we support and organize humanitarian campaigns and organize works aimed at contributing to local community development, as well multilateral humanitarian projects.  

  • We challenge the entities and businesses to participate in donor and humanitarian works. We collaborate with the “National Blood Analysis Center” by encouraging our employees to voluntarily donate blood.          
  • We collaborate with the “National Nursing Home” in Batsumber soum, Tuv province by supporting senior citizens with commodity goods, clothes, food and other necessities,  as well as providing moral support. 
  • Nepko publishing company translated and published a serial of books those explain background concept of science basic studies in “30 seconds -3 minutes”. We gave financial support to publish the book for reasonable prices to more people. And we have been trying to contribute cognitive education of nation.      

We successfully conduct mining work at the West Tsankhi coal mine in Tsogt-Tsetsii soum, Umnugobi province, making a valuable contribution to our national development as well as making similar contributions to local development.

  • We provide equipment and other support for care and irrigation of the green facilities in Tsogt-Tsetsii soum
  • We improved local roads within the soum using our resources
  • We also pay attention to the health issues of the local citizens by donating a special diagnostic-treatment apparatus to the local central hospital
  • We support the local secondary school of Tsogt-Tsetsii soum with donation of printers, copiers and computers with the aim of assisting our children in improving their learning environment.