About us

To be Mongolia's outstanding leader in contract mining, road and construction services.

To ensure the highest standards of operations and safety, so as to fulfill our obligations responsibly and to enhance the opportunities and benefits to our clients, employees and the community.
Khishig Arvin’s values are the foundation for achieving business success, and applied to all our 
projects in our day to day business activities, and be consistent with our vision.  
We aim to achieve zero accident and harm by developing a safety culture and establishing safe work practices at all levels in the organization.
Khishig Arvin’s activities will be conducted within legislative rules and we will deal fairly and honestly at all times. We aim to protect the culture and heritage of the environment, as well as the community, and maintain these by minimizing any impact. 

We aim to meet and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and strive for excellence in all we do.


We aim to perform the most productive work at the lowest cost, so to ensure that every member of the company shall be frugal, economical and respectful in everything we do.

We invest in our future by driving continuous improvement, acknowledging that the contribution of individuals play a significant role in our national development and consequently we contribute to our social progress.