Safety & CSR
Health, Safety and Environment
We believe that the health and safety of all our employees, as well as the minimization of any adverse impact on the environment, is our fundamental responsibility in carrying out our business.
We are striving to develop our safety culture, not only to achieve an injury and illness free work place, but also to extend this attitude to our everyday behavior regardless of whether we are at home or at work.
To achieve these core objectives the company is committed to:
  • Provide a safe and healthy work place by identifying and health, safety or environmental hazards or risks, and using controls to prevent damage or harm.
  • Implement, maintain and continuously improve our Health and Safety Management Systems in accordance with our OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

  • To involve and encourage all our employees at all levels to actively participate and be an integral part in the development and implementation of our safety culture and objective.
  • To provide the training, skills and knowledge for our employees to confidently undertake their Occupational Health and Safety duties and responsibilities.
  • To foster a duty of care for not only the employees own well being, but to all those that share their workplace.