"Tsogt Tsetsii Cup-2019" Back

Date released:2019-07-03

Our team played successfully and won the gold medal and the 1st place from the  "Tsogt Tsetsii Cup-2019" basketball tournament organized for  "Gashuun Sukhait Auto Road" LLC's 5th anniversary.

Out of 13 men’s teams participated in the tournament, the team of Khishig Arvin Industrial LLC won the 1st place. In the second place, the Energy Resources LLC team was ranked among the athletes and the Tetsii Sports Union taken the third place.  Also six women’s team participated and the "Tsetsii Sports Union" took the first place,  Energy Resource LLC  team taken the second place and Police team taken the third place and Khishig Arvin Industrial LLC has taken the 4th place.  Our team has previously taken the 2017 Championship. Congratulations to all athletes who participated in the event, and we wish you all success.