Equipped and furnished The Electronics Manufacturing Laboratory Back

Khishig Arvin Group have equipped and furnished The Electronics Manufacturing Laboratory of Mechanic and Transportation School, MUST.


Laboratory’s opening ceremony occurred on The 9th of January, 2018. During the opening, Tulgat Mainbayar COO, Ian McNeil CSO and Bayaraa.G, Fleet manager of Khishig Arvin Industrial LLC and Ayurzana.P, Ph.D, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation and Rentsenvanjil.Ya, Deputy Director of Department of Electronics manufacturing school from MUST have participated.

At the opening, Ayurzana.P and Tulgat.M gave a speech on behalf of their university and company. Ayurzana.P, Ph.D not only mentioned that renovating the laboratory was absolutely necessary work and it could have a great impact on our training process and students’ study as well, but also expressed their gratitude for new laboratory to Khishig Arvin Group. Tulgat.M, COO of Khishig Arvin Industrial emphasized the relevance of training specialists in mining field in Mongolia, and also said that The company would support and cooperate with Mongolian University of Science and Technology in the long term.


Following the opening ceremony, Khishig Arvin Group and MUST formally signed at “Cooperation agreement”.